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Everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile, and with professional teeth whitening at So-Well Dental Associates in Gold Coast of Chicago, serving Magnificent Mile, Near North, Lincoln Park, and Streeterville, everybody can have one! So-Well Dental Associates provides safe and effective teeth whitening treatments to give its patients smiles that they’re proud to share with the world. Schedule an appointment by phone or online and brighten your smile today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why aren’t my teeth white?

There are a few reasons why your teeth might have lost their luster, including:

  • Poor oral hygiene 
  • Drinking too much coffee, soda, or red wine
  • Using tobacco products like cigarettes or chewing tobacco
  • Medications, like certain antihistamines or antipsychotics
  • Early exposure to tetracycline antibiotics
  • Fluorosis (excessive fluoridation during tooth development)

Your teeth also naturally lose their shine as you age because the hard outer layer (enamel) gets worn down and thin, exposing the soft inner layer (dentin), which turns yellow as you get older. Some people also are genetically predisposed to have thinner enamel.


How does teeth whitening work?

So-Well Dental Associates offers two types of teeth whitening to restore your smile’s radiance:

Opalescence® Boost in-office bleaching

In-office whitening can give you a noticeably whiter smile in just a single, hour-long office visit. Your dentist uses a retractor to protect your lips and cheeks and applies a protective gel to shield your gums, then paints the Opalescence whitening gel on your teeth. Depending on your desired shade of white, your dentist leaves the gel on your teeth for anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour, after which they rinse it off, leaving you with a glimmering white smile.

Opalescence Go at-home whitening

At-home whitening takes longer to achieve results, but affords you the convenience of whitening from the comfort of your home. Your dentist takes an impression of your mouth that’s used to make custom-fitted bleaching trays. You fill these bleaching trays with the Opalescence whitening gel at home and leave them on your teeth for a set amount of time. Your smile will be noticeably whiter within just a matter of weeks.


Does teeth whitening hurt?

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and painless way to improve your smile. Some patients experience mild sensitivity after their whitening treatment, but this tends to go away soon after you finish bleaching.


Can’t I just use an over-the-counter whitening kit?

You should never whiten your teeth with a store-bought product. Despite their increasing popularity, over-the-counter whitening kits are ineffective at best and can even be harmful to your oral health.

Store-bought kits use generic strips and trays that aren’t molded to fit your exact smile, so the whitening gel frequently leaks out and irritates your gums. And when the bleaching agent does manage to stay in contact with your teeth, it’s not nearly as effective as what you get at So-Well Dental Associates, so your smile won’t be as white after treatment.

If you want a professional-looking smile, get a professional treatment.


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