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Free Invisalign Assessment in Chicago

A straighter smile does more than enhance the aesthetics of a smile. From improving bite to reinforcing healthy hygiene habits, orthodontics allows patients to regain confidence in their smile as well as improved oral function and health. For many however, the aesthetic and functional impact of wearing metal braces for over a year can be discouraging, causing many to forgo treatment. At So-Well Dental Associates, Invisalign® is just one more way we strive to help patients improve their whole smile. 

How does Invisalign Work?

Traditional metal braces rely on a series of metal brackets and wire which, over the course of care, are tightened in order to move the teeth into the correct position. In addition to being bulky and unattractive, these traditional orthodontics can be uncomfortable to wear.

In contrast, Invisalign® presents patients with a metal-free alternative to a straighter smile. Rather than using this metal brackets and wires system, Invisalign® uses a series of clear aligning trays which are swapped out throughout the course of care, gently repositioning the teeth.

 Chicago Invisalign

The Advantages of Invisalign

Many of the benefits of Invisalign® stem from its revolutionary use of removable clear aligners rather than brackets and wires. Some of the advantages of Invisalign® include:

Discreet Care

By using clear aligning trays rather than bulky metal attachments to straighten smiles, Invisalign® is virtually unnoticeable, providing teen and adult patients with a discreet alternative to traditional orthodontia. 

Convenient Treatment

Traditional orthodontia requires that patients visit their dentist on a monthly basis in order to tighten their braces. With Invisalign®, patients can receive multiple aligning trays at a time, eliminating the need to interrupt busy schedules. As the trays are removable, patients are able to change out their trays on their own in the comfort of their home in accordance to their treatment plan. 

Simple Maintenance

Removable trays also improve a patient’s ability to maintain their oral hygiene throughout the course of care. Simply by removing aligning trays before eating and drinking and replacing the trays after brushing and flossing, patients are able to maintain a healthy smile throughout their Invisalign® treatment. 

Clear Braces at So-Well Dental Associates

At our Chicago dental practice, our team is dedicated to providing patients with treatments that benefit all parts of their unique smile. Beginning with an in-depth treatment evaluation through the development of your post-treatment retainers, our Chicago dentists provide the professional, personalized support needed to transform your smile. For more information about this alternative to clear braces, contact So-Well Dental Associates today.  

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