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Snap-on Smile

Snap-On Smile from So-Well Dental Associates

With Snap-On Smile, it’s easy to obtain the smile of your dreams. For many individuals, cosmetic dental treatments are necessary to gain straighter, whiter teeth. While there are many treatments available that improve the look of your smile, some are more expensive than others.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for better teeth, consider Snap-On Smile as a treatment option. At So-Well Dental Associates, we can help you determine whether Snap-On Smile is right for you. Our Dentist, Zenobia Sowell, DDS, is passionate about helping people obtain beautiful teeth. To see if this treatment can help you, schedule an appointment with us!

Benefits of Snap-On Smile

One of the most noticeable benefits that you will receive from this cosmetic appliance is a boost to self-confidence. If you have teeth that are stained or crooked, you may have spent years hiding teeth or only half-smiling, but Snap-On Smile changes this dynamic. This wearable appliance improves the appearance of teeth without requiring teeth-altering procedures. 

The restoration, made from premium materials, is customized to fit your bite function and precisely cover your teeth. The removable appliance is comfortable and does not feel bulky while worn throughout the day. It does not shift or slide out of place since it is designed specifically for your smile. 

So-Well Dental patients are free to eat and drink while wearing Snap-On Smile. Hygiene is made easy, requiring brushing and rinsing before your natural teeth receive their daily care. Due to their durable resin material, you can eat your favorite foods and expect the appliance to last two years or more. 

They’re an excellent option when you need to address cosmetic dental issues quickly. Many patients receive their Snap-On Smile to have a beautiful smile for important events such as weddings or important job interviews. 

How Can I Receive Snap-On Smile?

Talk to Dr. Zenobia So-well to learn more about Snap-On Smile. After an examination and a discussion about cosmetic concerns, she will inform patients of their restoring dental beauty.

Although veneers and crowns are effective solutions for improving your smile’s aesthetic, they may be too expensive or invasive for a patients personal preference. With Snap-On Smile, you receive an affordable and minimally invasive appliance that helps you achieve a beautiful smile. 

To begin this process, Dr. Sowell takes impressions which are sent to a laboratory. Within four to six weeks, patients receive their new appliance. Then, Dr. Sowell will have patients try Snap-On Smile to ensure a proper fit. Once you absolutely love the way you look and feel, you can start enjoying your new smile!

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If you would like more information about Snap-On Smile, or to find out whether they are right for you, contact So-Well Dental Associates at 312-283-2641 and schedule an appointment today!

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