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About Our Chicago Dental Practice

Our Mission

For over 22 years, Dr. Zenobia Sowell and her team at So-Well Dental Associates have been dedicated to providing patients of all ages with conservative, preventive dentistry. By integrating advanced dental technologies into routine and complex dental procedures, our state-of-the-art Chicago dental practice is able to help patients enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

Emphasizing Patient-First Care

Our Chicago dentist believes that patient education makes up a critical part of dental wellness. We have found that without a comprehensive understanding of their oral health needs, patients are unable to make informed decisions about their dental care. During initial consultations, Dr. Sowell takes the time to discuss proper hygiene and oral health with each patient. Through visual evaluation and in talking at great length to our patients, we are able to identify patient concerns and recommend treatment options for restoring patients’ smiles.

We believe that patients should have the final say when it comes to selecting dental care. With this in mind, So-Well Dental Associates strives to provide patients with treatment options tailored to their smiles. From explaining the different stages of each procedure, to going over the costs and financing options for each treatment, our Chicago dental team is committed to ensuring patients have all the information they need prior to undergoing dental care. Through this open door policy, So-Well Dental Associates is able to create trusting relationships with each of our patients.

Our Experience

When patients visit So-Well Dental Associates, they receive more than compassionate care. Our Chicago practice is dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive dental care at the hands of highly trained dental professionals. From comprehensive implant dentistry, to advanced gum disease therapy with soft tissue lasers, Dr. Sowell and her team are constantly utilizing the latest innovative dental technologies to provide patients with solutions that enhance the health and function of their smiles as whole, rather than as individual parts.

Instead of having to visit multiple dental specialists for one treatment, So-Well Dental Associates offers a number of dental services all in one location. By offering multi-phase treatments at our Chicago dental practice, patients receive consistent care from a dental professional that fully understands the uniqueness of their needs. The result is a beautiful, healthy, lasting smile.

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Conveniently located in the heart of Chicago, Dr. Sowell and her team welcome patients from throughout the city. Our practice is located in Near North Side, on the southwest corner of Clark St. and Elm St., one block south of the Clark/Division Metro Station. We are across the street from the Fletcher Jones VW dealership. Contact our team today to schedule your next dental visit.

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