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Why Straighten your Smile?

Why Straighten Your Smile?

For many, the ideal smile includes straight, uniform teeth. While veneers and crowns can help cover mildly misaligned teeth or damaged, these options are not conservative solutions for healthy teeth and do not fully address the issues that caused misalignment. With this in mind, orthodontic treatment is often recommended as a more effective solution for comprehensively improving teeth alignment.

Improving Oral Health

Beyond aesthetics, orthodontia can have a lasting positive impact on the overall dental health. When teeth are crowded, rotated, or otherwise misaligned, nooks and crevices are created between teeth, making it difficult for patients to properly brush and floss and daily hygiene routines a hassle. Correcting bite misalignment with orthodontics allows patients the ability to more thoroughly clean their teeth.

Improved oral hygiene helps lower the risk of gum disease and dental decay. Each of these conditions can seriously compromise oral function and health. Without immediate attention, these dental issues can quickly worsen, leading to potential tooth loss as well as a number of secondary health complications like heart disease and stroke.

By straightening dental alignment and improving patients’ ability to maintain a healthy smile on their own, orthodontics plays a significant role in overall oral health. For patients concerned about properly cleaning their dentition while wearing braces, clear orthodontics like Invisalign® make it easy for patients to maintain a healthy smile throughout treatment.

Addressing Bite and Oral Function

For patients with jaw issues or those who are nighttime teeth grinders, straightening teeth can alleviate these issues. Often, bite and jaw problems arise when the arches fail to properly align, causing grinding and uneven wear and tear. Over time, these conditions increase the risk of damage to back molars, requiring restorations to regain oral health and function. Realigning teeth through orthodontics eliminates crossbites, overbites, and underbites that may otherwise be compromising dental and jaw alignment.

Interested in Braces? Contact Dr. Sowell Today and Learn More

At So-Well Dental Associates, our goal is to help patients achieve smiles that are both healthy and beautiful. Through Invisalign® braces, we offer patients a less obtrusive alternative to straightening teeth. For more information about this treatment, contact our Chicago dentist today to schedule your appointment. 

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