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Cosmetic Treatment Options

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Treatment for Your Smile

Are your teeth crooked? Do you have loose or missing teeth? Are your teeth heavily stained? Though technological advances in dentistry have significantly increased the ability dentists have to treat diverse dental problems, there isn’t an all-in-one option that will repair all potential ailments a patient can experience. Dentists recommend treatments according to the individual needs of each unique patient. Patients who educate themselves on their needs are more likely to achieve their desired results.

First, a patient should determine his or her goals. Are your teeth weak, and do you require strengthening and reinforcement? Veneers could be a valid option. Are your teeth misaligned, but you want an inconspicuous treatment? Invisalign® could be your best bet. Consider the following cosmetic treatment options. 

Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration occurs over time, and teeth whitening procedures tend to benefit patients looking for minor dental work without having to depend on invasive methods. Teeth whitening procedures can be done at home or in the dental office depending on an individual’s budget and desired results. Teeth bleaching is best suggested to patients with healthy, unrestored teeth and gums. 

Teeth bleaching is discouraged in children under the age of 16, as well as with pregnant women. This method of teeth whitening is also discouraged in patients with teeth with worn enamel or among patients experiencing advanced gum disease. While teeth whitening will treat the current state of an individual’s teeth, it will not prevent further staining, so individuals with a habit of smoking or ingesting coffee may have a hard time maintaining their desired results.


Another method for whitening teeth, as well as repairing damaged teeth, is veneers. Patients interested in permanently adjusting the look and feel of their teeth often turn to veneers for their long-lasting effects. Whereas teeth whitening will only take care of the color of a patients teeth, veneers attempt to correct the imperfections of an individual’s smile by replacing the overall tooth with a porcelain or resin crown, cover the existing teeth with material crafted to look identical to real teeth. 

Individuals seeking veneers must have healthy teeth free from decay and gum disease. Patients are required to have the correct bite alignment as well as sufficient tooth enamel to support the veneer implants. Veneers do tend to wear over time, so replacement procedures will be required in the patient’s future.


Traditional braces often draw unwanted attention to an individual’s teeth. Invisalign® solves the problem of unattractive teeth by providing the patient with clear aligners which are nearly invisible. Removable aligners allow patients to clean their teeth properly without the hassle of brushing and flossing around traditional metal brackets. This method of straightening teeth allow individuals to eat whatever they would like without restrictions to their diet. Invisalign® also does away with metal components such as brackets and wires that would otherwise irritate the inside of an individual’s cheeks.

CEREC® Machine

The CEREC® machine allows dental offices to create their own crowns for patients wanting an all-in-one option where dentist can measure and create implants for patients in the same day. Patients looking for a quick fix that provides fast, lasting results turn to offices carrying the CEREC® machine. The CEREC® machine prevents the use of temporary plastic crowns and shortens the wait time between procedures.

No matter the method, education is an exceptional tool in helping patients decide on the preferred procedure that will achieve the desired results. At So-Well Dental Associates, we offer a range of restorative services that can bring brightness to your smile. Contact our Chicago dental office for more information! 

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